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Some points to consider when choosing a portable/mobile air conditioner

Cooling Capacity

It is important that you choose a mobile air conditioner that is powerful enough for your room size. All units come with a BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating which is a measure of the units cooling capacity. The VERY ROUGH ESTIMATE  is that you need around 30 BTU’s per square foot.

Building size Example

Square Feet Approximate

BTU's Needed






1,400-1,800 25,000
1,800-2,500 29,000

Please note-
- Add BTU by 10% for sunny areas
- Add BTU by 10% for second story (or higher) rooms
- Add 4,000 BTU if area to be cooled is in the kitchen
- Add 600 BTU for each additional person (using room) over 2 persons

What's The Big Deal About BTU Sizing?

BTU Size Too Large
An air conditioner that has a higher BTU rating than the room size requires will tend to cycle off too quickly. The unit will not properly remove the moisture from the air.

BTU Size Too Small
An air conditioner that has a lower BTU rating than the room size requires will run continuously. The unit will not adequately cool the room.

Air Conditioner Types

Window Air Conditioners- Are for windows that slide up and down.

Casement Air Conditioners- Are for windows that swing out to the left or right (usually with a hand crank).

Wall Air Conditioners- Goes through the wall of a building and requires a sleeve. Sleeves are sold separately and can be found in the air conditioner accessories category

Portable Air Conditioners- Great for a no window office or room, these are relatively new to the market. They are portable so they can be taken anywhere.
These units must be ventilated.... the exhaust must go somewhere outside of the room.

For a better estimate go to and click on appliances, there is a super chart that helps you work out what cooling capacity you will need.

Cooling capacity is reflected very much in price. A small 7500 BTU unit can cost as little as $499  but a 12000 BTU unit will rarely come in under $650.


The truly portable or monoblock air conditioner  has to get rid of the condensation created by cooling humid air and also has to vent out the heat. Some units have a drip tray or tank/bucket that the condensate runs in to and this has to be emptied fairly regularly,  but many vent out the hot air and  evaporate the condensed water through an exhaust hose.  Alternatively, other units  have a drain pipe which can be drained through a nearby window or hole in the wall. If you don’t want to be emptying a bucket, check the specifications of the aircon unit that you are interested in before purchasing.


When purchasing your mobile air conditioner on the internet, delivery charges become an issue. At we have chosen suppliers that will deliver their air conditioning units to most states. We have specified a “usual” delivery charge on each unit, but each supplier will quote delivery before you commit yourself to purchasing.

Generally, the suppliers who charge less for their air conditioning units charge more for delivery……so do take this in to consideration.


Most people like portable air conditioning units because of their small size. Do check the dimensions and be sure that it is going to fit in to the space that you have planned for it!!

Many modern portable air conditioners now come as a multi-functional air conditioner, heater, multi-speed cooler fan and dehumidifier,  with remote control, timers, sleep function  Check specifications; because if you don’t want all of these functions, there is no point in paying for them.

For a more detailed account of what to look for when buying an air conditioning unit, go to: and look under appliances

For a super account of how air conditioners work visit the following website:

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