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DeLonghi Pinguino Windowless Portable 7000 BTU Air Conditioner Model PAC02

Supentown WA-1200 Portable Air ConditionerThe remarkable Pinguino PAC-02 is a fully-featured, completely portable air conditioner on wheels that goes virtually everywhere- giving you cool comfort where and when you need it most. This sleek and attractive unit operates on air alone and requires no water to cool areas up to 200 square feet with 7,000 BTUs of power. Its superior technology and design make it the best performer in its category.<br><br>The Pinguino PAC-02 can be rolled about and quickly vented for portable use, or installed permanently or semi-permanently virtually anywhere. A convenient window bracket with extendable hose which adjusts to the width of your windows is included. You can also vent the unit's exhaust hose through a slightly open window or door or place Pinguino's extendable hose in a 3. 5" round opening in a windowpane, wall, door or ceiling. Two permanent vent adapters for different rooms are included, allowing you to shift Pinguino between often used areas. You'll never need to empty a water condensation bucket because Pinguino technology allows you to exhaust huminidity without "drip." The system also features an antibacterial filter that collects bothersome dust particles and prevents bacteria build-up. In addition to functioning as a fan and air purifier, the PAC-250 and PAC-02 also have built-in dehumidifiers which automatically collect 28 pints of excess moisture from the air in 24 hours. Pinguino is great for commercial applications including offices, warehouses, campers, boats and other situations where central or fixed air conditioning is not feasible. Anti-frost control, timer bypass and other safety features are built in

Usually Ships in 2-3 Business We cannot ship to P.O. (Post Office), A.P.O. (Military), F.P.O. (Foreign) boxes or to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. shipping cost normally $59.95.

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DeLonghi Pinguino Windowless Portable 8500 BTU Air Conditioner Model PAC290

Supentown WA-1200 Portable Air ConditionerChoose the DeLonghi PinguinoT PAC-290 for TRULY PORTABLE air conditioning all around your home or workspace. Patented Pinguino technology exhausts warm, humid air continuously through any window, door, or vent without a "drip." Includes a fully adjustable electronic room thermostat and 24-hour programmable timer for energy-efficient comfort around the clock. This feature means that you can set the unit to turn on at any time so that you can come home from work to a perfectly cooled room withour running the unit unnecessarily throughout the day. The top-of-the-line Pinguino Professional PAC-290 is the only unit on the market that cools and "super cools." Filled with water, the PAC-290 super-cools at an optimal 100 percent level (8,500 BTUs) for up to 8 hours. Maintains 88 percent of its cooling capacity (7,500 BTUs) without water for uninterrupted use. Built-in dehumidifier collects more than 45 pints of excess moisture from the air in 24 hours. Antibacterial filter collects dust particles and prevents bacteria build-up.<br><br>What is a portable air conditioner? A portable air conditioner is a self-contained unit that wheels into any room that needs cooling and does not require professional installation.<br><br>Where does the condensation go? Condensation (or moisture) is a byproduct of the air-conditioning process. Pinguino portable air conditioners use that condensation to enhance the cooling cycle. Any excess vapor is discharged through the exhaust hose. This process is patented and EXCLUSIVE to Pinguino. Pinguino technology means extra cooling comfort and no messy water buckets to empty.<br><br>What size room can a Pinguino PAC-290 handle? The manufacturer offers these guidelines: The 8500 BTU PAC-290 can usually handle a 10' x 12' room with 8' ceilings. BUT these are guidelines only; variables that affect air-conditioning efficiency include insulation, type and number of windows, and ceiling height.

What makes the Pinguino PAC-290 efficient? The PAC-290 is efficient because it works entirely inside your home (versus window air conditioners that need to use outside air to cool down the condenser). This outside air is often very hot and humid and therefore not ideal as a cooling agent.<br><br>Does the Pinguino require special wiring? No. It operates on 110 volt, ordinary household current.<br><br>Does the Pinguino shut off when the desired room temperature is reached? The compressor cycles off and on to maintain the comfort level you select.<br><br>The Pinguino PAC-290 can also run as a dehumidifier only. Antibacterial filter. Built-in safety features: antifreeze auto shutoff and timer bypass. Easy-roll casters and handgrips for full portability. The PAC-290 includes a 4-inch-wide adjustable window bracket and a 51-inch-long flexible hot air exhaust hose. Heavy-duty, all metal cabinet, low noise levels/fully insulated cabinet, copper interior pipes, high-quality finned evaporator. Can be installed permanently or semi-permanently virtually anywhere if desired. Both units on this page include permanent and temporary installation kit. Energy-efficiency rating (EER) 8.6. PAC290 noise level: 49.5 db; air flow (CFM) 212; two-speed fan; rotary type compressor. Dimensions: 22.05" W x 15.35" D x 28.74" H; weighs 97 pounds. UL listed. One-year mfg. warranty on all parts and labor; three-year additional mfg. warranty on any part of the sealed systems: compressor, evaporator, condenser, and factory-connected refrigerant tubin

Usually Ships in 2-3 Business We cannot ship to P.O. (Post Office), A.P.O. (Military), F.P.O. (Foreign) boxes or to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. shipping cost normally $59.95.

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