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You can use this web site to buy orrent your portable and mobile personal air conditioner in the USA.

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keeps you cool while working, uses natural, frozen water instead of chemicals, quiet operation won't interfere with worker in next cubicle. Plastic, 10 1/2 x 13x 5 1/2" with adjustable vent grill and on/off switch, requires two D batteries, not included. Has built in jack for your optional AC adapter

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Delivery charge normally $8.50
Usually shipped in 7-15 biz days
(East Misspsippi 7-10 days
West of Missippi 10-15 days )

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Air Conditioner Shack
is a no messin', no fussin' budget provider of small easy to use air conditioning for The United States of America . If you just want a fast economical rental or purchase of small or portable or mobile cooling then we're here for you.


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